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Program Letter 2009-04
To: Certification Contact Officials
Subject: National Rail Employer Training Seminar - Breakout Session Descriptions
Date: June 10, 2009 View this document in PDF

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Prepared by the Quality Reporting Service Center - (312) 751-4992 - QRSC@RRB.GOV 

In alphabetical order by title

Track No. Topic
1. Audits of Employers Conducted by RRB and IRS
- by Audit & Compliance Staff, RRB and IRS (Invited)
This session will address both audits conducted by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Audit and Compliance division of the Railroad Retirement Board (RRB). You will receive advice on how to prepare for, and survive, an audit, as well as information on audit authority, objectives, and scope. Coordination of information between the RRB and IRS will be covered, along with disclosure, confidentiality considerations, and other issues which cross agency lines. The session will discuss some common findings and how you can be confident that you are in compliance.
2. Creditable Compensation: Explanation Of More Complex Issues, Determinations, and Legal Opinions
by Office of General Counsel and Compensation and Employer Services Center (CESC) Staff, RRB8 - This session will provide the legal view point on complex compensation issues and coverage decisions. This session was designed for persons who have attended the previous creditable compensation sessions and have a good understanding of the basics of creditable compensation.
3. CT-1 Tax Issues (Invited) (New)
-by IRS CT-1 Specialist -
This session will address Form CT-1 reporting issues. The session will also discuss the year-end reconciliation of tax deposits. Common CT-1 questions and errors will be addressed.
4. Disability Claims Developments (New)
-by Ann Chaney, Management Member's Office (MMO), RRB -
This session will review recent developments in Occupational Disability claims processing and provide information on RRB policies and procedures.
5. Employee and Beneficiary Internet Services
by Policy and Systems (P&S) Staff, RRB - This session will provide an overview of services currently available and will introduce applications currently being planned for the employee site.
6. Employer Coverage Issues
-by Robert Perbohner, MMO, RRB -
Do you wonder why some railroads are not covered under the Railroad Retirement Act or why some employers segregate their railroad business from their non-railroad business? This session will provide the answers to these and many more coverage questions. The session will discuss what constitutes coverage under the RRA and RUIA for employers and individual employees, the use of contract services, and how decisions are coordinated between RRB, IRS, and SSA.
7. Executive Session
-Jerome F. Kever and Staff -
The Management Member of the Board will share his thoughts on some of the challenges and opportunities he sees for railroad retirement now and in the future.
8. Experience Rating and Pre-payment Verification
-by P&S and Field Service (FS) Staff, RRB -
This session will give you an overview of the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act (RUIA) claims process and a complete look at the Experience Rating system from A to Z. You will learn how your contribution rate is calculated and how the payment and recovery of benefits impacts your rate. Finally, you will see what actions you can take to improve your contribution rate.
9. Internet Services for Employers: Pre & Post-Payment Verification and Compensation Reports
-by CESC Staff, RRB -
This session will demonstrate the services available to employers on the Employer Reporting System (ERS) Internet site. The session will highlight the benefits to employers in using this system, particularly in providing information on the new ERS ID-4K, Pre-payment and ID-4E, Post-payment forms.
10. Master the Basics I - Creditable Compensation and Service
-by CESC Staff, RRB -
Master the Basics is for anyone who is getting their feet wet in the world of railroad retirement. This session will give you a working knowledge of railroad retirement terminology and concepts. It will also provide you with the foundational knowledge needed to better understand Railroad Retirement Board's (RRB) annual reporting requirements. No question is considered too elementary.
11. Master the Basics II – Filing Reports
-by CESC Staff, RRB -

This session covers how to effectively complete the all important service and compensation reports (BA-3, Annual Report; BA-6a, Address Report; BA-9, Separation Report; and BA-11 Gross Earnings Report) and how to determine and file a prior year adjustment (BA-4, Adjustment report). In addition, alternate filing methods for reports will be discussed, including the RRB Employer Reporting System (ERS), FTP, the RRB PC Reporting Program, and secure e-mail.

If reports are not properly filed, it can be costly for you and the RRB to reconcile the problem and, in the meantime, your employees may miss out on benefits. Filing accurate reports is important and this session can help.

12. Medicare Issues (New)
-by P&S Staff, RRB -
Persons covered by the railroad retirement system participate in the Federal Medicare program on the same basis as those under the Social Security system. This session will provide an overview of the Medicare program and the RRB's responsibilities in administering the program. The session will also discuss the requirements for mandatory reporting by employers when employees with Medicare are injured.
13. Railroad Retirement Board's Field Service (New)
-by Field Service Staff, RRB -
Over the past year there have been many changes within our Field Service. This session will provide information on the change in the Field Service structure to establish Networks which gives a group of field offices the ability to share work responsibilities; the new Nationwide Toll-Free telephone service we have implemented; and how the RRB Job Placement program can assist you.
Retirement & Survivor Annuities I & II
-by Joseph Waechter, MMO, RRB -
This session is intended for those individuals covered under the Railroad Retirement Act, and for individuals who work in the human resources area and handle employee questions about benefits. The session will discuss eligibility for RRB annuities, calculation of retirement and survivor benefits, and factors that affect benefits. Educate yourself before making the all-important retirement decision!
15. RRBVision – Instruction Manuals and Training Videos on the RRB Website (New)
-by Assessment and Training (A&T) Staff, RRB -
In January 2008 we began utilizing “Mediasite Live,” a platform to provide public access to RRB training and informational videos through the RRB website, which we call RRBVision. This session will provide an overview of videos currently available and discuss other options for employers to get valuable information from our website. Your input and ideas will be welcome!
16. Service & Compensation Reporting with a Purpose
-by P&S Staff, RRB -
In this session we will reveal the distinct practices that will enable you to file superior service and compensation reports. We will provide insight for developing the highly effective practices needed for maximum readiness to: report for unemployment and sickness claims; connect the new optional fields and reporting codes; and explain their relationships and affect on your employees. Finally, this session will unravel the decade's long mystery of reporting the codes necessary for the purpose of deeming service and discuss the cost savings realized by employers and the RRB.
17. Short Line & Regional Railroad Issues
-by Eric O'Neill -
This session is facilitated by Eric O'Neill from the American Short Line and Regional Railroad Association. This session is an informal discussion which offers attendees a chance to voice their opinions and make suggestions for changes they would like to see. Attendees will also learn about new payroll accounting and reporting opportunities available to Short Line employers.
18. SSA Reporting Issues
-by SSA -
This session will highlight new services for employers available through the Internet, common errors in filing Forms W-2 and W-3 and how to avoid them, and how discrepancies between taxes and earnings are reconciled. The session will explain the options for employers to verify social security numbers of their employees and other enumeration issues.
19. Update on Making Tax Payments and Reimbursements Electronically Using Pay.Gov and the Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS) (New)
-by Bureau of Fiscal Operations -Treasury and Debt Recovery Staff, RRB -
RRB staff will discuss the switch for employers from RRBLink to EFTPS to pay their RRTA taxes effective in January 2008. We will also demonstrate how employers with Internet access can now use Pay.gov to file Form DC-1, Employer's Quarterly Report of Contributions under the RUIA which is used to make electronic deposits of RUIA taxes. This session will also demonstrate how employers can use Pay.gov to reimburse the RRB for unemployment and sickness benefits recoverable under Sections 2(f) and 12(o) of the Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act.
20. Watching Out for the RRB Trust Funds - Office of Inspector General – Investigations (New)
-by Assistant Inspector General for Investigations, RRB -
Learn the role that RRB's IG has in investigating fraud and abuse and hear about some of the schemes they have encountered, and cases they have pursued in the interest of protecting the RRB's trust fund resources.

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Date posted: 06/16/2009
Date updated: 06/11/2009