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RRB Notices Published in the Federal Register

Listed below are the various RRB notices required to be published in the Federal Register. The public is invited to comment before the expiration date.

Privacy Act

Subject of Notice Date Published Comment Period Ends
No pending notice    

Paperwork Reduction Act

The following notices are required by the Paperwork Reduction Act and relate to new or revised RRB information collections. There are two types of notices. An initial notice for public comment, which has a 60-day comment period, and a secondary notice informing the public that the information collection has been submitted to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) for review, which has a 30-day comment period.

The public is invited to comment on: (a) whether the proposed information collection is necessary for the proper performance of the functions of the agency; (b) the accuracy of the estimated burden of the collection; (c) ways to enhance the quality, utility and clarity of the information to be collected; (d) ways to minimize the burden of collections on respondents.

Subject of Notice Date Published Comment Period Ends
Initial Notice(s) for Public Comment
Form DR-423, Financial Disclosure Statement 04-11-14 06-09-14
Form G-99d, Parental Custody Report 04-11-14 06-09-14
Form G-139, Statement Regarding Contributions and Support of Children 04-11-14 06-09-14
Secondary Notice(s) for Public Comment, submitted to OMB for Review
Form G-252, Self-Employment / Corporate Officer Work and Earnings Monitoring 04-11-14 05-10-14
Form G-99a, Representative Payee Report; and Form G-99c, Representative Payee Evaluation Report 03-25-14 04-23-14
Form G-208, Public Service Pension Questionnaire, and Form G-212, Public Service Monitoring Questionnaire 03-25-14 04-23-14
Form RL-380-F, Report to State Medicaid Office 03-25-14 04-23-14
Railroad Unemployment Insurance Applications utilizes Form SI-1A, Application for Sickness Benefits; Form SI-1b, Statement of Sickness; Form SI-3, Claim for Sickness Benefits; Form SI-7, Supplemental Doctor's Statement; Form SI-8, Verification of Medical Information; Form ID-7H, Non-Entitlement to Sickness Benefits and Information on Unemployment Benefits; Form ID-11A, Notice of Late Filing; and Form ID-11B, Notice of Insufficient Medical and Late Filing 03-25-14 04-23-14
Form UI-1 and UI-1 (Internet), Application for Unemployment Benefits and Employment Service; and Form UI-3 and UI-3 (Internet), Claim for Unemployment Benefits 03-25-14 04-23-14

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Date posted: 04/17/2014
Date updated: 04/15/2014