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Railroad Retirement Act

January 2016 Cost-of-Living Increase

Tier I Benefit 0.0%
Tier II Benefit 0.0%
2014 National Average Wage Index $46,481.52

2016 Maximum Taxable Railroad Earnings

Tier I Earnings Limit $118,500
Tier II Earnings Limit $88,200
HI Earnings Limit No Limit

2016 Bend Points for Primary Insurance Amount Calculation

1st Bend Point $856
2nd Bend Point $5,157

2016 Bend Points for Family Maximum Calculation

1st Bend Point $1,093
2nd Bend Point $1,578
3rd Bend Point $2,058

2016 Retirement Earnings Test Exempt Amounts

Less than full retirement age in calendar year

Monthly $1,310
Annual $15,720

Full retirement age attained in calendar year, for months prior to such attainment

Monthly $3,490
Annual $41,880
2016 Earnings Required for a Quarter of Coverage $1,260

2016 Monthly Amounts For Substantial Gainful Activity

Blind Beneficiaries $1,820
Non-Blind Disabled Beneficiaries $1,130
2016 Monthly Earnings Threshold for Trial Work Period $810
2016 Monthly Disability Earnings Limit $880

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Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act

2016 Monthly Compensation Base $1,455.00
2016 Base Year Minimum Qualifying Compensation, and Other Items Equal to 2.5 Times the Monthly Compensation Base $3,637.50
2016 Base Year Maximum Monthly Compensation Considered For Maximum Benefit Calculation $1,879.00

Maximum Daily Benefit Rate for Benefit Year Beginning

July 2016 $72
July 2017 $72

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2016 Part A Deductible $1,288.00
2016 Part B Monthly Standard Premium, New Enrollees or Premium Not Withheld $121.80

Under the "hold-harmless" provision, the 2016 Part B premium for those who had it withheld before 2016 will remain at $104.90 unless their income is above $85,000 for an individual filer or $170,000 for a married couple.

2016 Part B Annual Deductible $166.00

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