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Administering retirement/survivor and unemployment/sickness benefit programs for railroad workers and their families.

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Questions About Eligibility or Payment of Benefits

Our field offices throughout the country are at your service.  Our experienced field office staff handle all questions regarding:

  • Regular and disability retirement benefits
  • Survivor benefits
  • Medicare
  • Social Security benefits for railroad workers and their families
  • Tax withholding and statements
  • Sickness and unemployment benefits

Contact the field office serving your area.

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Specific Questions or Concerns

The links below direct you to the page where you can get more information about your specific question or concern and make your email request.  Email is not secure.  Before sending us email, read our email notice.

Question or Concern Contact Information
Accessibility Office of Equal Opportunity
Appeals Process Hearings and Appeals
Congressional  inquiries regarding constituents Congressional Contacts
Correct data under Section 515 of the Information Quality regulations Correction Procedure
Employer Reporting Instructions Many chapters of the ERI provide you with a contact.
Freedom of Information Act Guide for Requesting FOIA Records
Reporting Job Vacancies to the Railroad Retirement Board Quality Reporting Service Center
Legislation Questions Office of Legislative Affairs
Link problems or additions Web Manager
Non-discrimination on the Basis of Disability or Accessibility Office of Equal Opportunity
Partition of Railroad Retirement Annuities Attorney's Guide
Procurement Paul Ahern
Information and Services Inventory Web Manager
Waste, Fraud or Abuse OIG Hotline

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Telephone Numbers

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RRB Email Directory

Below is a list of RRB offices which provide email contacts on this website.  The link takes you to the page where you can read more about the organization and send your email request. Email is not secure. Before sending us email, read our email notice.

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Customer Service

Customer Assessment Survey

A survey form is available in every RRB field office.  This brief and easy to complete survey helps us to gather data on our in-person service.  When visiting one of our field offices, we encourage you to complete one of these forms.

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