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Unemployment and Sickness Benefits
How Much Do I Get? - Slide 3

How Much Do I Get?

Text Version:

How Much Do I Get?

  • Most claimants receive $72 per day ($67.10 under sequestration)
  • Generally for 2-week period
    • Unemployment benefits $720 ($671.04 under sequestration)
    • Sickness benefits resulting from on-the-job injury $720 ($671.04 under sequestration)
    • Other sickness benefits reduced to $664.92 for tier I tax for first 6 months ($619.71 under sequestration)


  • Under provisions of the Budget Control Act of 2011 and subsequent sequestration order, railroad unemployment and sickness insurance benefits are being reduced by 6.8 percent. As this information was posted online, the reduction was to remain in effect through September 30, 2016, the end of the fiscal year. Reductions in future fiscal years, should they occur, will be calculated based on applicable law.
  • Up to a total of $9,360 of normal benefits payable in benefit year but no more than base-year earnings, counting earnings up to $1,860 per month in calendar year 2014.
  • First 6 months of sickness benefits not resulting from on-the-job injuries credited as tier I compensation but not as service months.
  • $720 biweekly sickness payment subject to tier I tax of 7.65%.

    Maximum net payment
    is $664.92
    Maximum net payment
    under sequestration
    is $619.71
       $720.00     $671.04
                     -$55.08  (7.65%)                   -$51.33  (7.65%)
       $664.92    $619.71

  • These payments are reported on the BA-6 form as miscellaneous compensation.
  • Daily benefit rate $72 in benefit year beginning July 2016, and will remain $72 in July 2017.
  • Current projections estimate daily benefit rate will increase in increments to $97 by 2025.

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Date posted: 08/06/2015
Date updated: 08/06/2015