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Unemployment and Sickness Benefits
Waiting Period - Slide 5

Waiting Period

Text Version:

Waiting Period

  • Normally, first claim for unemployment or sickness in benefit year has a waiting period
    • Often referred to as "7-day" waiting period, but
    • As few as 5 days of unemployment or sickness can satisfy waiting period
  • Maximum of 7 days payable in waiting period claim
  • In following 14-day claims, 4 days are withheld and up to 10 days are payable


  • Only one 7-day waiting period is required during any period of continuing unemployment or sickness, even if that period continues into the next benefit year.
  • A separate waiting period is required for unemployment and sickness benefits.
  • During waiting period claim, maximum of $504 ($469.73 under sequestration) payable for unemployment claim or sickness claim with on-the-job injury. For sickness claim without on-the-job injury, maximum of $465.44 ($433.80 under sequestration) payable in waiting period claim.

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Date posted: 08/06/2015
Date updated: 08/06/2015