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Financial, Actuarial and Statistical

Budget and Financial Reports: Current and Projected

  • 26th Actuarial Valuation of the Assets and Liabilities Under the Railroad Retirement Acts as of December 31, 2013, with Technical Supplement
  • Annual Report on the Financial Status of the Railroad Unemployment Insurance System required by Section 7105 of the Technical and Miscellaneous Revenue Act of 1988 (Public Law 100-647)
  • Budget Submission
  • Justification of Budget Estimates

Performance and Accountability Reports

Earnings Limits, Tax Rates and COLA's

  • Cost-of-living adjustments and waged index amounts
  • Maximum monthly benefit rate under the Railroad Retirement and Social Security Acts
  • Projected maximum earnings bases
  • Tax rates and maximum taxable earnings under the Social Security, Railroad Retirement and Railroad Unemployment Insurance Acts

Railroad Retirement Act and Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act Data


  • Active employees and Railroad Retirement Act beneficiaries by State
  • Longevity of railroad retirement beneficiaries
  • Railroad Retirement Act annuitants and active railroad employees by congressional district
  • Railroad Unemployment and Sickness Insurance Programs Compared with State Programs
  • Statistical Tables: Data on the railroad retirement and railroad unemployment insurance programs
  • Total employment by State, class of employer and last railroad employer
  • Total railroad employment by State and County
  • Total railroad employment by State, County and Zip Code

Monthly and Quarterly

  • Average railroad employment, by month
  • Benefits and beneficiaries under the railroad retirement and unemployment insurance systems
  • Quarterly benefit statistics for programs under the Railroad Retirement and Railroad Unemployment Insurance Acts
  • Selected national and railroad data: various economic indicators, a comparison of the U.S. civilian labor force and the railroad labor force, railroad benefit payments and payrolls

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Date posted: 09/21/2015
Date updated: 09/18/2015