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Administrative Staff Manuals Index

An index of the chapters in the various manuals used by the Railroad Retirement Board in the processing of claims under either the Railroad Retirement or Railroad Unemployment Insurance Acts.

Appeals Procedure

  • Questions and Answers About Appeals
    Persons claiming retirement, disability or survivor as well as unemployment or sickness benefits from the Railroad Retirement Board have the right to appeal unfavorable determinations on their claims. These questions and answers describe the appeals processes for persons whose claims under the Railroad Retirement Act or Railroad Unemployment Insurance Act are denied, or who are dissatisfied with decisions on their claims.
  • HA-1 Appeal Form and HA 1 Appeals Process

    Please Note:
    The HA-1 Appeal Form is for use in filing an appeal to the Bureau of Hearings and Appeals or for filing a final appeal to the Three-Member Board. A request for reconsideration of an initial unfavorable decision, the first step in the appeals process, should be made in writing and filed with the Reconsideration Section of the Office of Programs within 60 days from the date of the initial decision. Follow this link for more information on requesting reconsideration or filing an appeal.

Board Coverage Decisions

Board Coverage Decisions are the determinations of the three-member Railroad Retirement Board as to the status of various companies or persons with respect to coverage as employers or employees under the Railroad Retirement and Railroad Unemployment Insurance Acts.

Board Orders

The Federal Register

Proposed and final regulations of the Railroad Retirement Board are published in the Federal Register. Notices of Board meetings, lists of agency forms submitted to the Office of Management and Budget, and other miscellaneous notices are also published. You may search the Federal Register or use our handy indexes that link directly to the regulations or notices we publish:

Legal Opinions

Partition of Railroad Retirement Annuities

  • G-177d: Partition of Annuities by Court Decree
    Information on this form provides general information regarding the partition of railroad retirement annuities. For more detailed information see the Attorney's Guide.
  • Attorney's Guide
    A guide to the partition of employee railroad retirement annuities as property in a state court action for divorce, annulment, or legal separation. It explains how to effect an annuity partition in compliance with the Railroad Retirement Act (RRA), 45 U.S.C. § 231 et seq. PDF Format, and the regulations of the Railroad Retirement Board, 20 CFR Part 295.


Information about individuals protected by The Privacy Act that is collected, used or maintained in systems of records is described in notices as published in the Federal Register.  The notices are also available for public viewing on this website.  The notices describe the information we have, how we use it, how we may disclose it, and how you may review and contest it. 

The E-Government Act of 2002 requires us to review the way information about individuals is treated  when information technology is used to collect new information, or when new or substantially changed IT systems are developed or purchased to handle collections of personally identifiable information.

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Date posted: 11/17/2011
Date updated: 11/17/2011