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Semiannual Reports

OIG Semiannual Report to the Congress Cover
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The Inspector General Act of 1978, as amended, requires that the Inspector General report semiannually to the head of the agency and the Congress on the activities of the office during the six month periods ending March 31 and September 30.  The purpose of the reports is to keep the agency head and the Congress currently informed of significant findings and recommendations of the Inspector General.

Audit Reports

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Our office conducts audits, reviews and inspections to identify ways to improve the quality and timeliness of service to railroad beneficiaries and to protect the integrity of the trust funds.

Strategic Plan

We prepare a strategic plan to identify goals and priorities as well as the means to achieve them with current resources. Strategic planning allows OIG managers to focus efforts to improve the quality of service to our customers.

Special Reports

Report PDF File Format Date No.
Contingency Plan During a Lapse in Appropriations 09/25/13 3
Congressional Testimony: Systemic Deficiencies within the Railroad Retirement Board's Occupational Disability Program 05/01/15 24
Seven-Day Letter to Congress 02/10/14 4
Exploring Innovation Leads to Data Analytics Phase I 02/14/13 5
Office of Inspector General's Proposal to Improve Business Efficiency at the Railroad Retirement Board 09/21/11 16
Railroad Medicare Fraud Detection Contracts: Lessons Learned 04/07/11 9
Reinvention Proposals Reinvention 2001 05/25/01 14
Reinvention Proposals Phase I 01/24/95 18
Reinvention Proposals Phase II 09/26/95 17
Reinvention Proposals Phase III 09/27/96 17
Reinvention Proposals Phase IV 09/27/96 8
Retirement Experience of the Employees of the Long Island Rail Road Under the Railroad Retirement Act 11/24/08 10
Statement of Concern - NRRIT Lack of Provision for Performance Audits 03/31/08 15
Examining the Inefficiencies of the Federal Workplace - Recommendations for Reform 07/2002 25
Examining the Inefficiencies of the Federal Workplace - Recommendations for Reform 09/26/01 23

Budgetary Documents PDF File Format

Commercial Activities Report

Office of Audit Peer Reviews PDF File Format

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act


Report Fraud, Waste, and Abuse

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